Dr. Bicky Marquez

Ph.D. in Applied Physics

I design photonic hardware for Artificial Intelligence applications.

Love philosophy & oil painting.

My research directions and interests are focused on machine learning, brain-inspired computing, AI photonic hardware, chaos theory, complexity and philosophy of mind. 

My work has its main focus on hardware design, fundamental research, and applications of Artificial Neural Networks for special and general-purpose computing and alternative computing solutions. 

I received a Ph.D. degree in Optics/Photonics and Machine Learning from Bourgogne - Franche-ComtĂ© University, France in 2018, working at FEMTO-ST Institute. Currently, I am a Postoctoral Research Fellow at Queen's University, where I work with Prof. Bhavin Shastri on silicon photonic integrated circuits with applications to neuromorphic computing and machine learning. 

Additionally, I also like to paint and draw portraits, landscapes and stuff from my imagination. I'm an avid reader of philosophy and psychology books. I like to collect books.