Dr. Bicky Marquez

Ph.D. in Applied Physics

I design photonic hardware for Artificial Intelligence applications.

Love philosophy & oil painting.

Neuromorphic Computing:

Book chapters:

[1] B. A. Marquez, C. Huang, P. R. Prucnal, and B. J. Shastri,
Neuromorphic silicon photonics for artificial intelligence,
in Silicon Photonics IV (In-press), J. Pavesi and D. Lockwood, Eds. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, forthcoming.


[1] B. A. Marquez, Z. Guo, H. D. Morison, S. Shekhar, L. Chrostowski, P. R. Prucnal, and B. J. Shastri
Journal of Physics: Photonics (2021) [accepted]

[2] B. A. Marquez, M. J. Fillipovich, E. R. Howard, V. Bangari, Z. Guo, H. D. Morison, T. Ferreira de Lima, A. N. Tait, P. R. Prucnal, and B. J. Shastri
Photoniques 104, 40–44 (2020)

[3] B. A. Marquez, H. Morison, Z. Guo, M. Fillipovich, P. R. Prucnal, and B. J. Shastri
MRS Advances 5, 1909–1917 (2020)

[4] T. Ferreira de Lima, A. N. Tait, A. Mehrabain, M. A. Nahmias, C. Huang, H.-T. Peng, B. A. Marquez, M. Miscuglio, T. El-Ghazawi, V. J. Sorger, B. J. Shastri, and P. R. Prucnal

[5] Viraj Bangari, Bicky A. Marquez, Heidi B. Miller, Alexander N. Tait, Mitchell A. Nahmias, Thomas Ferreira de Lima, Hsuan-Tung Peng, Paul R. Prucnal, Bhavin J. Shastri
Digital Electronics and Analog Photonics for Convolutional Neural Networks (DEAP-CNNs),
Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 26, 7701213 (2020).

[6] Bicky A. Marquez, Jose Suarez-Vargas, Bhavin J. Shastri
Takens-inspired neuromorphic processor: a downsizing tool for random recurrent neural networks via feature extraction,
Physical Review Research 1, 033030 (2019).
MEDIA: TechXplore (2019). A Method to Reduce the Number of Neurons in Recurrent Neural Networks.

[7] Bicky A. Marquez, Laurent Larger, Maxime Jacquot, Yanne K. Chembo, Daniel Brunner.
Dynamical complexity and computation in recurrent neural networks beyond their fixed point,
Scientific Reports 8, 1-9 (2018).

[8] Daniel Brunner, Bogdan Penkovsky, Bicky A. Marquez,  Maxime Jacquot, Ingo Fischer, Laurent Larger.
Tutorial: Photonic neural networks in delay systems,
Journal of Applied Physics 124, 152004 (2018).

[9] Bicky A. Marquez, Jose J. Suarez-Vargas, Laurent Larger, Maxime Jacquot, Yanne K. Chembo, Daniel Brunner. 
Embedding in Neural Networks: a-priori design of hybrid computers for prediction,
Rebooting Computing (ICRC), IEEE International Conference, 1-4 (2017).

[10] Laurent Larger, Bicky A. Marquez, Antonio Baylon-Fuentes, Romain Martinenghi, Maxime Jacquot, Yanne K. Chembo, Vladimir S. Udaltsov. 
Photonic nonlinear delay dynamics for advanced nonlinear processing: from secure chaos communications to brain-inspired computing,
Proceedings of NOLTA, 538-541 (2015).

Nonlinear Dynamics and complexity:

[1] Bicky A. Marquez, Laurent Larger, Daniel Brunner, Yanne K. Chembo, Maxime Jacquot. 
Interaction between Liénard and Ikeda dynamics in a nonlinear electro-optical oscillator with delayed  bandpass feedback,
Physical Review E 94, 062208, (2016).

[2] Bicky A. Marquez , Jose J. Suarez-Vargas. 
Deterministic random dynamics generated by non-linear non-invertible transformations of oscillating functions,
Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory 16, 431-440 (2016).

[3] Bicky A. Marquez, Jose J. Suarez-Vargas, Javier A. Ramirez. 
Polynomial law for controlling the generation of n-scroll chaotic attractors in an optoelectronic delayed oscillator,
Chaos 24, 033123  (2014).

[4] Jose J. Suarez-Vargas, Bicky A. Marquez, Jorge A. Gonzalez. 
Highly-complex optical signal generation using electro-optical systems with non-linear, non-invertible transmission functions,
Applied Physics Letters 101, 071115 (2012).